Terms & Conditions

By agreeing to use our platform to avail the logo deigns or any other services that we have to offer, you agree to the terms and conditions of our entity.

You give your consent to comply with our terms and conditions and you will be hereby entering into a contract with us and be legally bound to the policies that have been outlined by us. Below are the terms and conditions that apply to all of the projects that we harness:

  • The services that are included into these terms and conditions and are a part of this legal contract include the products and services offered here like the logos, designs, names, graphics, animations and all of the services that we have to offer.
  • Moreover, we reserve the rights to all of these terms and conditions and we enjoy exclusive rights to our policies and we can change, modify, alter or improvise them as we wish with or without necessarily notifying the third parties involved.
  • We offer to our clients our expert logo design, creative graphics, programming, mobile application and other professional services. We communicate well with our clients in order to learn of their demands and their perspective on the project. By filling in our Create Brief you will be informing us of your objectives and of your aims relevant to the project.
  • Once your project demands and requirements have been met, we will be mailing the project to your and then you may go through it and accept or reject it as per your satisfaction. You will be given exactly a month from the completion of the project to turn down or reject the project and send to us your take on the matter informing us of the explanation for the rejection. However, in case you do not communicate with us for a month since after we release to you’re the file, your project will be deemed closed and your file will then not be entertained until and unless we at our own discretion decide to do so.
  • Project that are left inactive with no response of communication with respect to the project, the project will be subject to penalty and fee in order for the client to be able to reactivate it. The fee will be outlined to you by us once you communicate with us regarding the project.
  • Our standard turnaround time for the logo design project is around one to three days. We email to you the first draft during these three days and then we take the project forward from there. However, these days only include the working days and public holidays and weekends are not subject to these days. Moreover, we will not be liable for meeting the deadlines that have been imposed upon us by the client and which we have not agreed or given our consent to.
  • We enjoy the right to have the designs that we create showcased in our portfolios on our webpage as well as on other platforms. In case the client has his reservations over this then he may inform us and we will have the designs removed within 48 hours.
  • As for the technical design creative, the default color model that we make use of is the CMYK format. However, we may even use PMS is you specify that at the beginning phase of the project and any change or alteration after that will require you to bear the extra charges.
  • We reserve the exclusive rights to reject, cancel, terminate, permanently cancel and even blacklist a project. We may carry this action during any phase of the project and not even notify you in advance.
  • We do not refund or return the amount for any project whatsoever.
  • With using our platform to avail the services, you give your consent to keep our entity safe from any loss, damage and liability.
  • Our website contains copyrighted material that includes text, graphics, software almost everything that is associated with the website is the property of our entity and is protected by the international copyright laws and copying our content for commercial use may lead to persecution.