Payment Options

We offer to our clients five diverse options of payment to choose from and they range from the online money transfer system to the bank transfers and checks. The five payment processes are:

  1. PayPal- In order to pay us via PayPal you will require a verified account of the money transfer gateway. If you have an account on PayPal, all you need to do is to click on our PayPal payment button and you will be automatically redirected to the payment page of PayPal. You can then enter the amount that you wish to proceed with and you payment will be successfully processed. PayPal is safe, efficient and verified.

  2. Check Payments- We accept check in our name. The following are the details that you will require when writing a check in our name.

    Contact Information of Account:
    FSD Solutions LLC 
    5430 LBJ Freeway
    Suite 1200
    Dallas, Texas 75240
    United States
    Ph: 877-212-6460

  3. Wire Transfer- We also accept wire transfer as a method of money transfer and following are the details that you will require for using this method. You can, however, request our account number once you have finalized the project plus we do not support international wire transfer that is below the limit of $150. For more information pertaining to the matter, contact us.

    A/C Name: FSD Solutions LLC
    A/C Number: ********* Request
    Bank Name: Chase Bank
    Swift / ABA Number: 111000614

  4. Deposit the amount to your local Chase branch- You can also transfer money to us by visiting the Chase branch near your locality and making a payment in our name. You will have to request our account number for that and to find a US branch near you and for other countries, check chase global locations page.