How quick is your turn around time?
We usually get the logos designed and created within the two business days. However, if your project demands more of our time, we will give to you an estimated deadline and we will then stick to it. We are pretty much serious about our deadlines so you do not have to worry about the work being not delivered or about the quality of the work suffering. As soon as we propose to you the pay and the deadline our teams starts to work on the project immediately just as your payment gets processed to us.

What makes your pricing and packaging so economical?
We offer to our potential clients the lowest possible prices as we do all of the work on these projects by ourselves. We do not opt for cheap outsourcing that raises the prices and diminishes the quality of the work done. All of the work is done with the help of the resources that we employ in house with the help of our dedicated and efficient teams.

Can I pay for my logo after the project has been completed? 
Well, that would be a no. We do not allow any post project payments as we wrap up the project as soon as it gets done and accepted by you. The payments have to be made in advance in order to ensure the project security and to get your work in order.

Will I be given the copyrights of my logo design?
Yes, of course! All of the logos that we design become our clientele properties. That is, as soon as it gets accepted by you, you become the legal and rightful owner of the design and can then use it however you like with no strings attached.

What file formats do you handover these logo designs in? 
We are pretty much open to all types of file formats. You name the format and we will get your project delivered to you in just that. Some of the most popular of our formats are eps, .tiff, png, jpg, giff and ai. However, the file formats are often dependant on the packages that you opt for too. We offer to our clients to choose the formats for $5 when they do not require all of the formats.

How do you make sure to customize my logo to my requirements? What are the parameters?
Some of the most basic of questions that we ask are all written in our PDF file. You can download it and fill it up and let us know as to what your exact requirements are or what your vision is pertaining to the project. You can then send the file over to us once it has been filled up via email, phone or fax.

I need to suggest a font for my logo, will you incorporate it? 
You can send to us the font and if we do not have it in our database then we will have to purchase it for your project so that we can incorporate it.