Essentials of a good Business Logo

It is vital for any successful business to have a unique and individual identity in the industry so that the customers can remember them and pick them up from the crowd. Perhaps the best way to have a unique name for a company is by creating a unique business logo. A business logo is an important part of the brand name as visual recognition enables the customers to remember the company name easily and helps them distinguish among the competition. A lot of research has proven that brand loyalty extensively depends on the recognition of the company by a customer and the best form of recognition is through the visual design of the product which ultimately depends of the logo of the brand. A successful logo design comprises of two step process: concept and execution. A unique and successful logo is dependent on the balance between these two qualities. First we will talk about the Concept stage of a good logo. The concept of the logo defines the type of information a logo will reveal about the company. Some companies prefer a simple and professional logo while some prefer to use flashy and complex logos, focusing more on the features and characteristics of the company. The conceptual stage involves a lot of brainstorming and word associations and researchers try to answer questions such as what does the company want the customers to think about the company when they see the logo and which physical entities represent those thoughts and ideas? The execution stage involves the actual artwork involved in designing the logo. It becomes vital as the logo design itself should be unique and must help the customers remind them of the company over the competition. Having a distinct and eye catching logo ensures that customers will recognize them by name. the concept of the logo is already established by logo design researchers and at this stage, the details such as the use of color, style and fonts will be established. A successful business logo depends on the designer’s ability to find an equal balance between both the concept and the execution. A business may not achieve a unique and successful logo if any one of the two stages are not implemented successfully which might result in a great concept failing in the execution process resulting in a terrible logo or an excellent execution of a bad concept.