5 Business Tools That Will Help You Land More Customers
Tweet Want to develop your enterprise and land extra customers? There are technology tools that can support. This record of apps, compiled by means of Inkling, assists your income struggle in each manner, from making your e mail more authoritative, to letting you swiftly set up appointments and e-sign contracts, to making sure that your [...] Read More >>
The Diamond Water Paradox Principle
Tweet According to the diamond water paradox, water is needed to sustain human life, yet it has no value in front of diamonds even when diamonds have no such specific use except to be used as jewelery or in industrial machinery. This phenomenon can be explained by the economic theory of marginal utility and the [...] Read More >>
Production Possibility Frontier of Japan
Tweet The country I chose and my reason: The country’s production possibilities frontier, which I have chosen is Japan. The reason I have chosen this country is because it had undergone a lot of bombing in the past, which had crippled its economy. Yet after the war Japan’s economy grown rapidly because of the huge [...] Read More >>
Impact of Recession on UK Low Cost Airline Industry
Tweet In this article I will talk on the two biggest low cost airlines i.e EasyJet and Ryanair’s progress during the recession and what worked for them. In an interview with Judith Bogner of Bloomberg TV, the former CEO Andy Harrison revealed the profits earned for the year 2009 came up to an amazing £43.7 [...] Read More >>
Pricing- Defying the Economic Theories
Tweet Introduction: It is strange and surprising that how pricing differs in some trades, defying the economic theories. Such a puzzle came across me as well while talking to and working closely with a relative involved in exporting business. If you ask a layman what the price of one commodity, imported to USA from China, [...] Read More >>
Business Climate in Phillipines
Tweet BUSINESS CLIMATE   In this article I will discuss some of the important facts relating to their culture, business ethics and etiquette which a business man should know about before travelling to the Philippines. Facts and Statistics: Population over 90 million people Mixture of Malay, Spanish and American cultures Filipinos are among the most [...] Read More >>