How to Design an Eye-Catching Logo for a Mobile App
Tweet Your logo is vital to your organization. It symbolizes your image and your organization’s goals and is frequently the leading item you get when hunting down an organization’s site on the web. Consequently, it is important that you make a custom logo for your mobile application for your brand. A custom logo must reproduce [...] Read More >>
Why is having a Great Corporate Identity Required?
Tweet We as a whole realize that if an organization has corporate/brand identity, then it achieves an a great deal more genuine consideration in the business situation than one without the same. Corporate identity would really be an aftereffect of an incredible mix of thought, actions, and numerous different perspectives that strengthen the facility of [...] Read More >>
Top Brand- Coca Cola
Tweet The brand I have chosen is Coca-Cola which ranks at first among the top 100 global brands. Coca cola belongs to the beverage industry, particularly in the carbonated soft-drink category. The beverage industry has been in existence since 1878 when the term “soda industry” was first coined and the first bottled soda water was [...] Read More >>