3 Simple Rules for a Good Logo Design

With the advent of many logo design companies and free lance logo designers, logo designing has become a famous profession and with its extensive use in all types of businesses, the demand for logo designers has increased vastly. Whether it is for a company, or just for a hobbyist who likes designing logos, there are certain rules of the logo designing game. Following are certain rules which the designers must follow at any level of experience he/she is at:

1.       Keep the design simple:

Designers spend a lot of time in trying to make their logos as sophisticated as possible and they end up making a mess out of the logo. The key to a unique and attractive logo is to keep it as simple as possible and yet attractive. The aim of a good logo is to get registered into the minds of the people so that they can recall the brand or the company when they come across the logo, physically or just mentally. Professional logo designers spend half the time in just creating and simplifying the logo concept while the other half is spent of creating and then revising the final logo.  Clever logos, such as Microsoft or Google have nothing but text written in different fonts and styles, but the clever use of typeface has made them unique and easily identifiable.

2.       Use proper colors:

Colors play an important role in your logo. Colors must be used according to the attributed industry colors such as green for gardening logos. Before deciding on which colors to use for the logo, ensure that the same colors would be used for your business cards, website etc, therefore, give extra importance to the colors you use for your logo.

3.       Design a flexible logo.

Flexibility, in relation to logo designing, means that the logo you design should look good in both colored and black and white versions. Moreover, the logo you design should be scalable so that it looks good in all sizes, whether it be on a small business card or a giant screen.

In conclusion, your logo design tell your customers who you are, so give them the right message and this could be achieved by following the three simple rules mentioned above.